Friday, June 27, 2008

Welcome to my new blog – my very first blog! I have always enjoyed having my way with the English language and it is high time I stepped out into the Blog-O-Sphere! So come along with me and the people who surround me as I comment on anything and everything that comes along our way!

Charlie (my husband) and I live in a 200 year old house of our dreams, located in a sleepy little upstate New York village named Unadilla. Perched on the western banks of the Susquehanna River, the house has seen over 200 years of history, stories and adventures that we are only just beginning to uncover and appreciate. As my blog progresses, I will share our house hopes and dreams – and what it has taken to chip away at the challenges that have built up over that time. I will share past trials and future hopes as well what we’re up to at the present time.

We are ordinary folks by local I greatly appreciate that he has been “upstate” for a very long time, and we both love the small town life and everything that comes with it.

Last night we attended the first of the 2008 summer concert series on the front lawn of the Village of Unadilla Community House, and turn-of–the-century Italianate that houses the village offices and library. Every manner of folding chair populated the grassy area – many of us clustered under the few trees there as dark clouds threatened rain. But the clouds flew on by, and the big band & swing tunes rolled out of the “Fabulous Moonlighters” who were parked up on the Community House porch. Young and old – every manner of resident chatted and tapped their feet to the live music presentation.

Summer after summer this particular rhythm goes on – it is both comforting and disturbing at the same time: The older folks that are left to remember tell us of dancing to the familiar tunes of Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey when they were number one hits, while the youngsters of today prance around on the basketball court and romp on the playground equipment. It is one of those small town things that I know went on long before I arrived and will continue long after I am gone. Comforting.

"Is there not a certain satisfaction in the fact that natural limits are set to the life of an individual, so that at its conclusion it may appear as a work of art?"
-- Albert Einstein


Pikes Pickles said...

Awesome blog! My mom shared the link with me and I added your blog to my interesting places to visit on the internet.

You might want to go into customize settings and allow anonymous posts so that people without blogs can comment.


Laurene has a blog! Welcome to the blogging community, Laurene! I can see it all now, hundreds of, no, thousands upon thousands of we small-towners in upstate New York, all blogging away behind the blueish glow of computer screens at home and in private, not recognizing each other on the street when we come out again to bask in the light of day...
(All said in tongue-in-cheek, of course!) :) Don T.

memainny said...

Great photos! I keep checking to see if you have added to your site. Come visit memasmoments and leave a comment. You can see the East Guilford waterfalls.